Saturday, 21 May 2011

Evelyn Walsh - Female Vocalist

This is Evelyn Walsh - female vocalist in the south.

A few weeks ago I met with Donna from and Evelyn at the fabulous Larma Tree Gardens for an update for a brand new website for Evelyn.

Evelyn specialises in singing the era of Doris Day (1920's-1940's) etc and has the most beautiful voice along with a great image.

We spent a couple of hours having lots of fun around the gorgeous grounds and taking advantage of the magnificent buildings within.

I had such a brilliant time and would like to thank both Donna and Evelyn for allowing me to come along yet again.

So onto the images, as always here are a selection of my favourites that I shot throughout the session.........

Thank you all for looking, hope you enjoyed the images.


  1. beauitful picture, i really love the vintage look :)

  2. Thank you Sarah, had so much fun doing it :)