Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Collins Family

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure to go out and photograph the Collins family for a surprise Christmas present. We had a great time exploring Upton Country Park and they have beautiful new gardens. As the present was a hit I can now share some of my favourite shots from the day, I hope you all enjoy

Mr and Mrs Mcloughlin-Huxtable

At the end of last year I had the privilege to to photograph my very best friends wedding. 
We first met at school (probably too many years ago to remember) and have been great friends ever since. Through the years we have faced the worst of times and the best of times together, sharing tears and laughs throughout. It has been a wonderful pleasure to be apart of her life and now the life of her own family.
The morning before the wedding was very calm with a mass of people preening, straightening, applying a hint of mascara and finally putting gorgeous dresses on.
Jacqueline arrived on time to the ceremony which in itself is a miracle and anyone that knows Jacqueline's time keeping would agree. 
The ceremony was beautiful, lead by a vicar who knows the family well and whom has been apart of their lives for sometime needless to say the tears and laughs continued to be a theme throughout the day as the gorgeous couple pledged their vows to each other.
Jacqueline and Andrew left the church a married couple. Beginning the rest of their lives with 2 gorgeous children and a 3rd due in less than a month the rest of their lives sounds like a wonderful place to be apart of and I cant wait to share it with them.
A massive congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mcloughlin-Huxtable. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at the images, I hope you enjoyed them.